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Mothers of Step are more often then not, A cruel, twisted and unpleasant lot. This one was no exception to the rule, And had two ugly daughters just as cruel. Now, there lived another girl in the house, Not quite pretty but not really a grouse. And as it is in all stories of old, […]

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The Rude Witch

‘She HAS to be taught a lesson,’ said Merlin, pacing round and round his study in frustration. Little Toppy the Elf, took a tentative step back, trying to stay out of the way of the tall Wizard’s boots. ‘It cannot be done, your Wizardiness’ said Toppy, and then stopped when he saw Merlin glaring down […]

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What happened to Charlie?

A tall, stretchy gentleman, with knobbly knees Called Charlie Eldridge, if you please One bright morning woke up to find, His cricket bat poking through his behind. With a yelp, Charlie jumped off the bed, And found another shock instead. His hands were transparent, so were his feet, This time Charlie gave a little bleat. […]

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prince and princess

The Blind Princess

There was, once upon a time, the King of a kingdom so vast, that a person would need weeks to travel from one of its boundaries to the next. Now, you would think that being the King, he had nothing to worry about and lived his life in perfect happiness but you would be wrong. […]

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