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Robbie, the Robot

‘Waiter, a glass of water, please’ ‘Beep,’ said XL-270 as he rolled up to table 5 with a tray. It was the year 2176 and XL-270 was the newest, most modern robot available. He was green with blue eyebrows and antennae. The children that chased him playfully around the restaurant lovingly called him Robbie. ‘I […]

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Colin’s Trip to the Moon

‘All I want, is to go to the moon’, thought Colin for the hundredth time, as he looked at it in the sky, absent-mindedly twisting the ring on his finger. Suddenly, there was a resounding crash. Colin whirled around. A big red spaceship had appeared in his garden! He watched in amazement as the door opened and a pointy […]

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