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Looking for Inspiration for the Next Story?

Looking for some inspiration for your next story? Or a naughty, gets on everybody’s nerves fantasy character? Just for fun, I am spending some time today making a list of things grown-ups do not believe in. And children do. (This does not include writers as we are lucky enough to be blessed with an imagination) […]

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Lone Cushion

Writing Workspace: The Best Places to Write

A dedicated writing space. Most writers’ dream. Well, mine at least. I dream of having a quiet cottage by the sea with a desk facing the window. A mug of coffee by my WIP and a bookshelf (or ten) with all my favourite books on the art of writing. It wouldn’t hurt to have a money […]

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A Writer’s Notebook

Anyone who is, has been or has ever thought of becoming a writer would have gone through the amazing feeling of always brimming with ideas. And if you don’t have a notebook to write these down, they will be gone before you can say Geronimo! I usually walk around London in a daze with eyes out […]

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The Joys(?) Of Editing

Congratulations! You have finally finished the first draft of that book you have always wanted to write. Great Job! Now, comes the painful bit. Editing. Editing helps put your best foot forward. As a writer your work needs to be polished. With this article, I provide a checklist to help you go through this process: […]

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Become an Author

Welcome to Scribble Desk. We specialise in short stories. Scribble Desk started out with children’s short stories but has since gone on to other genres and is looking to expand further. We are inviting Guest Authors and submissions are now open. Submit short stories or articles on writing for the A Writer’s Journey section and have your work […]

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