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So, after a month long stint in India, during which I ate lots, travelled lots and oh yeah, got married, I am finally back and writing again. Lots of new stories about nasty witches and fat witches and obsessive witches and crazy witches, coming soon. Is it too obvious that I have been obsessed with witches lately? […]

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From A Writer’s Point of View

Ever had someone write such amazingly awesome things about you that you want to cry?? I just did. [1] Its from a magazine called From a Writer’s Point of View, a literary magazine featuring authors, writers and publishers. They have just published a little interview they did with me. YAY to the Heavens above! I […]

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Three Times a Charm

Heya Everyone! Today I have an interview over at Kai Strand’s Blog!!! WhooopeeeDeeDoo! I feel a little bit like this witch with her super-awesome Remote controlled Broom :) .. Isn’t it great? I love the concept. Technology a.k.a Magic makes anything possible. Who would have thunk? Anyway, over at Kai’s blog (which I LOVE, by […]

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Looking for Inspiration for the Next Story?

Looking for some inspiration for your next story? Or a naughty, gets on everybody’s nerves fantasy character? Just for fun, I am spending some time today making a list of things grown-ups do not believe in. And children do. (This does not include writers as we are lucky enough to be blessed with an imagination) […]

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A Tom & Jerry Reminiscent

Remember the blue cat and brown mouse? Well, this is pretty much black and white and just in case you cannot tell, this drawing of mine is supposed to be a reminiscent of the greatest love of my life growing up. To Tom & Jerry. (Pssst, Jerry is the one who has lobbed the shoe […]

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