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The Sister’s Brave; the Boy is Not

I am very very pleased to welcome John Bird to Scribble Desk today. He is an Awesome Poet, husband and father. Today, I am honored that he chose to feature one of his latest poems on Scribble Desk. As you might guess, The Sister’s Brave; The Boy is Not, is about John’s beautiful children. For […]

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The Difference

What is the difference between being happy and being sad ? A mere curve of the lips, or a wish that could not be had ? Does a kind word separate them, or a beating heart ? Could it be love, or the mere mention of a treacle tart ?

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The Saviour

And she saw, From far away, The white horse, Her saviour gray. Galloping together, over the mountains. As the clouds showered, their nectar fountains. As he reached her, she blushed, The love in her heart, to her eyes rushed. The horse stood, whinnying its song, He lifted her veil, and admired her long. Much as […]

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Kyon hota hai aisa, ki insaan vafa karte karte bhi bewafaa kehlaata hai? kisi ka sab kuchch hokar bhi, us se keh nahin pata hai. Kyon zindagi jeene ki khwaahish, kisi aur ki zindagi se jud jaati hai ? uski zindagi ki har khushi apni zindagi me bahaar laati hai ? Kyon ek pal ki […]

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