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Mothers of Step are more often then not, A cruel, twisted and unpleasant lot. This one was no exception to the rule, And had two ugly daughters just as cruel. Now, there lived another girl in the house, Not quite pretty but not really a grouse. And as it is in all stories of old, […]

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Midnight Rescue

Jill had lots and lots of toys. Every night she would pull out a chair, climb on top of it and carefully arrange all her dolls and toys on top of the bookshelf. She would then tap each one on the nose and wish it a very good night before turning in. Each night, after […]

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When The Moon Fell Down

Once upon a time in FaerieRealm, lived two gnomes by the names of Clip and Clap. They were brothers and made a living by collecting and selling fruits in the local FaerieRealm market. One evening, Clip and Clap were out picking apples. Faerie apples are best picked by moonlight and this was a secret only […]

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Sky Gets In Trouble

Sky took a deep breath. Aaaaah, Summer! It had been ages since she had been out in the fresh air. Today, when she spotted this garden on her way back from flower gathering, she hadn’t been able to resist the temptation. You see, Sky was a Faery and unfortunately, Faeries did not have the luxury […]

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Binky Saves The Day

     The Faerie Queen was in a fine fine fix. She had a party to go to and it was Sunday. All the shops in FaerieRealm were closed and all the tailors had gone to a tailoring conference in the neighbouring land.      The Queen sat on her throne, with her head in her hands, […]

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