The Fisherman & The Genie

Once upon a time, in a land far away,
A fisherman set out with his net on a sleigh.
He had a wife and 3 children to feed,
Some big, fat fish was his only greed.

You would agree then with his distress,
When the first 3 lots were stones, shells and a general mess.
He cast his net a fourth time, filled with dread,
His heart felt as heavy to him as a box of lead.

This time though, fortune struck,
The fisherman could not believe his luck.
He pulled the net in to find,
A golden vessel, round as a pig’s behind.

‘Ah!’ thought the fisherman. ‘Think of the fortune I shall make,’
‘No more fish tonight, ‘tis the night for steak.’
Happily, he unscrewed the lid,
And instantly black smoke from the vessel slid.

It rolled over the seas, it covered the sands.
Causing the fisherman to cower behind his hands.
Shivering, he looked up in time to see,
A Giant Genie, shaking himself free.

‘Who set me free?’ demanded the Genie,
The fisherman opposite him looking really teeny.
‘It was I, oh mighty one,’
‘I apologise if I was not supposed to do what I have done.’

‘Oh, no, no, no!’ said the giant being.
‘I am quite glad of all the freeing,’
‘I shall, however, have to put you to death,’
‘I am sworn to do so, upon my very breath.’

If the fisherman shivered before, it was nothing to what he did now,
Scared as he was, he thought to escape the Genie’s vow.
‘This is utterly crazy,’ thought he.
‘I should get wishes, I did after all set the idiot free.’

‘Instead, here he stands, wanting my life,’
‘How do I ensure, I go home tonight to my wife?’
An idea slowly formed in his mind,
He would repay this Genie in kind.

Aloud he said, ‘I do not believe you, O Sire,’
‘In this tiny little vessel, you could never retire,’
‘Your bulk is huge, the vessel itty-bitty,’
‘Forget you, it wouldn’t hold my kitty.’

‘How dare you? You call me a liar?’
‘I assure you, the consequences will be dire.’
‘I am telling the truth,’
‘I have been in there since my youth.’

‘How can I believe you unless I see for myself,’
‘Go back into the vessel, make yourself as tiny as an elf.’
‘I shall prove it to you, puny human’
The Genie’s pride at stake, he showed his acumen.

He turned himself back into black smoke,
So thick, you would have choked.
He filled the vessel to the brim,
Soon as he did, the fisherman put the lid on, trapping him.

‘You might be a man of bulk,’
‘But without brains, there is no use for you hulk.’
‘Back into the ocean you shall go,’
‘Never to again bother us anymore.’

Good as his word, the fisherman tossed the vessel into the sea,
And spent his life warning people not to set the Genie free.
He built a hut on that very beach,
To this day, the value of quick thinking does he teach.


Categories: Children's 9-12, Children's Poetry, Poetry

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