Midnight Rescue

Jill had lots and lots of toys. Every night she would pull out a chair, climb on top of it and carefully arrange all her dolls and toys on top of the bookshelf. She would then tap each one on the nose and wish it a very good night before turning in.

Each night, after Jill had gone to sleep, the toys would open their eyes and one by one climb down the bookshelf, jumping from one shelf to another.

One such night, the toys had climbed down from the bookshelf and were whispering among themselves trying to decide what game to play when they heard someone sobbing.

‘Is someone crying?’ asked Jumbo the elephant, cocking one of his giant ears.

‘I think it is coming from over there,’ said Snip the sailor doll, pointing to a large glass cabinet where Jill’s parents kept the souvenirs they collected from their travels.

The toys ambled over to where the cabinet stood in the shadows. Snip climbed onto Jumbo’s back and peeped in. A fair haired doll in a pretty blue dress sat in one corner, quietly sobbing into a handkerchief.

‘What’s wrong?’ asked Snip, worried.

‘I .. I want to get out .. out of here but the cabinet is locked,’ sobbed the doll.

‘Are you never allowed out then?’ asked Snip, amazed.

‘No,’ said the doll, looking up at Snip. ‘Jill has asked her parents to let me out many times but they are afraid I will get dirty. I have seen you playing each night. I want to play too.’

‘What’s happening?’ asked Jumbo from below.

Snip jumped off Jumbo’s back and explained.

‘What can we do?’ said the Skittles, gathering around. Everyone looked sad. They all wanted to help the doll but what could they do?

‘I know,’ said Snip suddenly, his eyes shining. ‘I have seen Jill’s parents hide the keys on top of the fridge so Jill won’t reach them. I bet if we all climb on each other’s backs, we can get to them.’

‘That’s a grand idea, Snip,’ said Jumbo, brightening up.

The toys trotted off to where Snip said the keys were. The Skittles all piled onto Jumbo’s back and stood on each other’s shoulders. They were almost there. Then Snip climbed onto the top-most Skittle’s back and jumped on top off the fridge.

‘Yaaaaaaaaay!!’ cheered the toys, then quickly fell silent in case someone heard.

As soon as Snip was back on the ground, he raced over to the souvenir cabinet and unlocked it. The fair haired doll jumped out, beaming.

‘Thank you everyone. You are real heroes,’ she said.

‘Come on, back to the bookshelf everyone,’ said the Skittles as one. ‘It’s almost dawn.’

The toys together with the doll, quickly clambered onto the bookshelf and settled down just as Jill’s alarm went off.

She yawned and turned to wish her toys a Good Morning when her eyes fell upon the doll. With a loud shriek she jumped off her bed.

‘Oooh Oooh Oooh Doll! You are here. You are really here,’ said Jill, skipping around her room happily.

Just then, her mother came in.

‘Ooooh Mummy look! Can I keep her?’ said Jill, holding the doll up for her mother to see.

‘How did she get out of the cabinet Jill?’ asked Mother, but she was smiling. She saw how happy the doll made her daughter. She agreed to let Jill keep the doll provided she take very good care of it.

Behind her back, Snip, Jumbo and the Skittles all smiled and secretly winked at each other. The doll was smiling too.


Categories: Children's 5-8, Stories

4 Comments on “Midnight Rescue”

  1. September 23, 2011 at 2:26 pm #

    This is one of my new favourites! I’m so happy you shared! Xx

    • September 23, 2011 at 2:28 pm #

      Awww, thanks Emmy :) .. I had a doll locked up in a glass cabinet when I was little. My parents never gave her to me because they thought I would drop her, face first, into a pile of mud or something.

  2. Purvi
    July 14, 2012 at 9:09 am #

    Nice stroy :D

    • sadiya
      July 14, 2012 at 9:13 am #

      very nice story :)

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