When The Moon Fell Down

Once upon a time in FaerieRealm, lived two gnomes by the names of Clip and Clap. They were brothers and made a living by collecting and selling fruits in the local FaerieRealm market.

One evening, Clip and Clap were out picking apples. Faerie apples are best picked by moonlight and this was a secret only Clip and Clap knew. No wonder, their apples were the sweetest and the whole of FaerieRealm bought apples only from them. Both Clip and Clap guarded this secret very carefully indeed.

So, one evening Clip and Clap were out picking apples. Actually, Clip was picking apples while Clap kept a very sharp lookout for anyone who might be snooping around, in the hopes of knowing their secret.

Clip would climb up the tree, take hold of a branch, shake it hard and then climb back down to collect the apples that had dropped to the ground. It was a bright moonlit night and this made Clip and Clap’s work very easy.

‘Stop whistling, Clip,’ said Clap, for what he thought was the hundredth time. ‘If you keep making that much noise, someone is bound to hear us and come snooping.’

‘I can’t help it Clap. I am just so happy,’ said Clip, still picking hard. ‘We are going to make so much money at the market tomorrow. These are really fine apples.’

Clap grinned. Clip was right. These were fine apples and would fetch a very good price tomorrow. Good too. He desperately needed a new coat.

Clap was lost in his thoughts, dreaming of all the pockets he will have on his new coat, when suddenly the Moon went behind a cloud and everything went dark. It was at that moment that Clap heard a loud scream.

Clap spun around, fists clenched, ready to defend their apples and pummel the thief.

‘The Moon … The Moon,’ groaned Clip.

‘Where are you?’ said Clap, falling to his hands and knees, frantically trying to locate his brother in the darkness. ‘And what in the world are you talking about?’

‘The Moon fell on me ,Clap. It fell on my back!’ Clip screamed into the darkness.

Clap froze. He looked towards the sky and saw nothing but blackness. The Moon was definitely not there. And hadn’t Clip scream out at the same time that the moon disappeared?

‘How do you know it was the Moon, Clip?’ asked Clap, still trying to find his brother in the darkness.

‘I was just here, minding my own business, when something fell on my back. Really hard like. I cried out, OW! And just then everything went dark,’ said Clip, now crying bitterly. ‘I am telling you, it was the Moon.’

Clap found his brother and put an arm around him, trying to comfort him.

‘Don’t cry Clip,’ said Clap. He felt Clip’s back. Sure enough, there was a big bruise there. He could feel it swelling up beneath his fingers. This was scary. Not only would the world go dark without the Moon, their apple business would fail. How will they make any money? They just had to put the Moon back up in the sky, but how?

Clap felt about and his hand fell upon something round.

‘Here is the Moon, Clip,’ said Clap, handing Clip the round thing.

Clip took the round object from his brother and felt it. It did feel like the Moon, it had a lot of craters, just like the Moon did.

He turned to Clap excitedly, ‘Maybe we can throw it back into the sky, Clap.’

That was a great idea, thought Clap. It didn’t seem too heavy, about the weight of an apple. They could definitely throw it back in the sky.

‘Let’s try it,’ said Clap, standing up and pulling Clip to his feet.

Clip took aim in the sky, at where he thought the Moon was last, and threw the round object as hard as he could.

At that very moment, the Moon slid back out of the clouds.

Clip and Clap started dancing around excitedly, arm in arm.

‘The Moon’s Back! The Moon’s Back! Yaaaaaayyy!!!!!’

Let’s leave them here, dancing and happy. But you know, as I do, where it really was all this time, don’t we?


Categories: Children's 5-8, Stories

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