Binky Saves The Day

     The Faerie Queen was in a fine fine fix. She had a party to go to and it was Sunday. All the shops in FaerieRealm were closed and all the tailors had gone to a tailoring conference in the neighbouring land.

     The Queen sat on her throne, with her head in her hands, sad as can be, when her prime minister, Sir Hops-A-Lot bunny happened to hop in.

     ‘Why, your majesty, are you so sad?’ he asked.

     ‘It’s the Grand Witch’s annual ball today, Sir Hops-A-Lot and I dont have a new dress,’ said the Queen.

     Hearing this, Sir Hops-A-Lot started thinking. The Queen must have what she wants. But where would the material come from? And who would stitch it?

     ‘Ahem …’ came a voice.

     Sir Hops-A-Lot looked up. The Queen looked up but no one was to be seen.

     ‘Who’s there?’ demanded Sir Hops-A-Lot.

     ‘It is I, Sir Hops-A-Lot, Binky the spider,’ said the voice.

     The Queen looked up to see a spider on a silken thread hanging upside down from the ceiling.

     ‘Aah Binky, don’t scare us like that,’ said the Queen with a smile.

     ‘Pardon me, my Queen,’ said Binky, still hanging upside down, ‘But I couldn’t help overhearing. I believe I can help.’

     Sir Hops-A-Lot scoffed.

     The Queen held up a hand to silence him.

     ‘Go on Binky, I am listening,’ she said.

     ‘Well, you see how I weave my web, your majesty?’ said Binky, ‘My spider thread is as strong as any silk thread. I can use that stitch you a thread. I have years of experience weaving my web and I am sure the FaerieFolk will help. We can make you a beautiful dress in no time.’

     The Queen looked impressed.

     ‘But there is still the matter of the material, Binky,’ said Sir Hops-A-Lot, ‘Where are we going to get the cloth for the dress?’

     ‘Leave that to me,’ said Binky mysteriously. ‘I will be back in an hour.’

     An hour later the Palace’s doorbell rang. Sir Hops-A-Lot opened it to find at least 15 people standing outside. Faeries, Pixies, Brownies and leading them all was Binky, the spider.

     He walked into the Queen’s chambers and bowed low.

     ‘We have all the materials ready, O Queen and the folk of FaerieRealm have come to help,’ he said.

     The Queen beamed.

     ‘Begin then, dear Binky,’ she said.

     So the folk of FaerieRealm set to work. They used Binky’s spider thread to stitch together rose petals from faerie Twinkle’s rose bushes to make the skirt. The top they made out of sunflower petals taken from Mr. Brownie’s garden. They threaded together dew drops to make a beautiful necklace and made shoes out of clover leaves using rose thorns for heels.

     When it was ready, Binky laid it out for the Queen to see.

     The Queen was overwhelmed.

     ‘Oh thank you everyone,’ she said. ‘This is the most beautiful dress I have ever seen. As a reward, I invite you all to A Grand Feast tomorrow and Binky, I appoint you my personal tailor.’

     Binky beamed. The faeriefolk jumped for joy. A feast! What fun!

     That night, at the Grand Witch’s ball, the Faerie Queen was the best dressed of all and she had Binky and the lovely faeriefolk to thank.


Categories: Children's 5-8, Stories

3 Comments on “Binky Saves The Day”

  1. August 22, 2011 at 3:10 pm #

    Sir Hops-A-Lot scoffed but the Faerie Queen listened. Binky the very talented spider came to the rescue, Binky was very connected, with friends who could make things happen. Never look down on little people

  2. August 22, 2011 at 4:14 pm #

    Thank you Susan. Glad you liked the story abd the moral. :)

  3. December 15, 2012 at 9:12 am #

    BEE ANCESTRY CODE: If one traces the antsecry of any male(1bee) he has one female parent (1bee). this female had 2parents,a male and female (2 bees),the female had two parents a male and a female and the male had one female(3bees).these two females each had two parents and the male had one (5 bees)………this sequence of numbers of parents in Febinacci sequence. (only for john sir)

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