The Mighty King

Today, I am delighted to introduce Martin King, a children’s author.  He is a man with a mission and below is children’s short story in Martin’s unique (and funny) style.

Once upon a time… (I’m just getting into character).

There was this boy aged twelve who went to a very big school with over a thousand pupils. It was
a long walk to the school and often our hero of this story (me), would find himself walking all by

Quite often the King (obviously my last name suits the role play of this story), would have to travel
through the dangerous garages to get to school. The garages were full of older boys who would hang
out waiting to pounce on any lonely travellers.

On this particular day, three big bullies attacked the King and wrestled him into their secret dungeon
lair (garage). The King fought bravely, but there were too many of them. Once the assailants had
captured the King, they dragged him to their torture box. In the corner of their lair was a wooden
box where the monstrous beast was kept (a hutch with ferrets in).

The dastardly bullies plunged the poor king into the beast’s lair and locked him in it. With not even
enough room to swing a flea, there was no escape. The King suffered a mauling as the monstrous
creatures ravaged his flesh.

Thankfully the King managed to escape before they feasted on his eyeballs. The King endured the
terrible deed and lived to tell the tale. In fact such was the King’s mightiness, he went on to become
a children’s author and went on to live happily ever after. The End!!

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2 Comments on “The Mighty King”

  1. August 8, 2011 at 6:21 pm #

    Another great tale of childhood, Martin, and another with which I can sympathise. I was once a choir boy and part fog the initiation was to be locked inside a stone sarcophagus (took six of the big lads to slide the stone lid back) in the churchyard for a whole practice session. It was dark and scary in there, knowing there was a body just a short distance beneath you!

  2. August 8, 2011 at 8:10 pm #

    Way to show those ferrets who’s boss! I’m glad you made it out alive, otherwise we wouldn’t have #100blogfest ;)

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