The Magical Gateway

The magical gateway to FaerieRealm stood open! Everyone was aghast. The spell that kept the gate closed had worn off for the first time in 500 years.

‘Any minute now a mortal will walk in and discover FaerieRealm.’ said TangleFoot the Pixie, pacing around restlessly. ‘They will have us put in cages and displayed in their zoos.’

‘Shush TangleFoot,’ said Queen Mother. ‘You are scaring the faery children.’

The Queen Mother sat on her throne. She looked beautiful in her long dress and golden crown but her brow was furrowed with worry. What were the faery folk to do? They had to close that gateway. They simply could not risk mortals discovering FaerieRealm.

‘We will have go and buy a new spell from the Colourful Pirate,’ she said, looking at all the magical folk gathered around her. ‘There is no other way.’

Someone shrieked, Tanglefoot gasped. ‘But your majesty, his ship is 7 seas away. How are we tiny folk to make that long a journey?’

‘I’ll go,’ said Winky the faery. ‘I am the fastest flier.’

‘Very well,’ said Queen Mother, smiling at Winky. ‘Go pack what you need.’

That very night, Winky set off on her long journey. She flew for 2 days and 2 nights and at last, spotted the Colourful Pirate’s ship sailing in the middle of the 7th sea.

The Colourful Pirate was very upset to hear that FaerieRealm was in danger. He had lots of friends in FaerieRealm and he definitely did not want them captured.

He took Winky into a cabin deep in the belly of his ship.

‘This is where I keep all my spells,’ he said, pointing to hundreds of colourful jars hanging from the ceiling.

Winky looked up. The jars all had a strange mist swirling inside them.

The Pirate climbed a stepladder and selected a bright orange jar. He unscrewed the top of this jar and tipped the orange swirly spell into his hand. He then rubbed the spell on the oars of his ship. With a whoosh that threw Winky off her feet, the ship sped up.

‘Now we will reach FaerieRealm much quicker,’ said the Colourful Pirate.

Queen Mother had been pacing on the beach, anxiously awaiting Winky’s return. When she saw the Colourful Pirate himself arrive in his magnificent ship, she was overjoyed.

The Pirate bowed low to the Queen and presented her with a bright blue jar. The spell to keep the gateway to FaerieRealm closed for another 500 years.

The faery folk were overjoyed. ‘Thank you for saving us Pirate and Winky,’ they said. ‘Thank you.’


Categories: Children's 5-8, Stories

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