A Writer’s Notebook

Anyone who is, has been or has ever thought of becoming a writer would have gone through the amazing feeling of always brimming with ideas.

And if you don’t have a notebook to write these down, they will be gone before you can say Geronimo!

I usually walk around London in a daze with eyes out of focus, brain wheels spinning at warp speed. My trusty little notebook is all that is stopping those bits of thoughts and creativity from being tossed into oblivion.

It took me months to find a notebook that is the right size and has all the right features. It even has a handy little band to hold it closed and hold all the bits of paper, pictures etc that I stuff within it with hastily scribbled notes as to where they might come in handy.

Yes, it’s a moleskine! I would swear by them.

Another useful trick I picked up is to use an Address Diary and write down the notebook and page numbers where I have scribbled notes. For Example, I have a section Witches under W which has an entry 1/15, meaning that I have something useful written down in notebook 1, on page 15. Saves me having to go through all of the entries when struck with Writer’s Block.

Always keep a writer’s notebook. Before long, you will find yourself scribbling in it 24/7.

Yes, us writers are an obsessive lot.


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