Mr. Pixie Gets In Trouble

‘He’s gone and turned and himself invisible,’ said Mrs. Pixie in frustration.

Dr. Elf, nervously eyed the ice cream cone hanging in mid-air. ‘How did this happen?’ he asked.

‘He walked through our glass front door,’ said Mrs. Pixie. ‘Sit down Mr. Pixie or we’ll lose you,’ she added to the hovering ice cream cone.

You see, the Pixies that lived in FaerieRealm were magical. They could change their appearance by walking through things. I am sure you would agree, that this was most useful. When being chased by a wolf, a Pixie would simply walk through and turn himself into a tree. The wolf would sniff the Pixie’s toes and be merrily on its way, never suspecting that what he thought to be a tree was really the yummy Pixie he had been chasing.

But Mr. Pixie was also very scatter-brained. He kept forgetting that he had magical powers. Just the other week he had walked through the kitchen door. It had taken Mrs. Pixie an hour to find him and use her spells to turn him back into a Pixie again.

This time however, since Mr. Pixie was invisible and made of glass, any spells that Mrs. Pixie cast shot right through him. After an hour of trying she had been forced to bring him to the hospital.

‘Maybe we can wash the magic off him,’ said Dr. Elf. He filled a bucket of water and poured it over Mr. Pixie.

It didn’t work. Except to make Mr. Pixie’s ice cream melt.

He handed Mr. Pixie a blue ribbon instead. ‘Hold this ribbon tight Mr. Pixie, so we will know where you are,’

Dr. Elf sat down and scratched his head, racking his brain for ideas. Magical spells were no use, for this patient. He would have to be clever.

‘Let’s try painting him a different colour so we can see him. Maybe the spells will have an effect then,’ said Dr. Elf after a few minutes. He jumped up and looked around for the blue ribbon.

It was nowhere to be found!

‘Now, where did he go?’ said Dr. Elf. He opened the door to his clinic and walked out into the hallway, looking for Mr. Pixie. He didn’t get very far because he smashed headalong into something very solid.

A door, exactly like his clinic door, stood in the middle of the hallway. The blue ribbon hung on the door knob.

‘He’s gone and walked through my clinic door, bless him,’ said Dr. Elf happily. ‘Now why didn’t I think of that? Now that he is solid and visible again, we can use our magical spells to turn him back into a Pixie.’

He waved his wand and the door dissapeared. In it’s place stood Mr. Pixie.

Mrs. Pixie ran and hugged him.

‘I am so happy to see you again,’ she said. ‘I will never let you out of my sight.’

True to her word, to this day, she ties a blue ribbon to Mr. Pixie’s collar whenever he leaves the house. This way, she can keep an eye on him. So if you ever see a blue ribbon fluttering about in the wind somewhere, be sure that it is forgetful Mr. Pixie that has gone and walked through something, again.



Categories: Children's 5-8, Humour, Stories

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