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Welcome to Scribble Desk. We specialise in short stories. Scribble Desk started out with children’s short stories but has since gone on to other genres and is looking to expand further.

We are inviting Guest Authors and submissions are now open. Submit short stories or articles on writing for the A Writer’s Journey section and have your work showcased on Scribble Desk. Please have a read below to see how to go about submitting Guest Posts.

What’s in it for you?

  • Awesome brand and profile opportunity for you as a writer
  • Build a platform and expand on your existing platforms (websites, blogs)
  • Gather constructive feedback from visitors and other writers
  • Expand Facebook, Twitter, and other social network followings
  • Publish and showcase your work for free.
  • Maintain full copyrights to published work
  • Boost SEO. Showcasing your work on websites other than your own means a better Google Ranking

The Rules

  • Unique content: This is a no-brainer. Please, do not plagiarise
  • Added value: Your submissions should bring added value to the site. We are not looking for guest submitters who want to grab a quick link or just ‘be seen’
  • Wordcount: While there is no strict wordcount, since this is a short story specific site, a 10,000 word book won’t be appropriate.
  • No unethical links: Guest entries can not contain links to unethical sites, software or commercial, keyword strong unrelated links.

Send in a Submission

To send in submissions, please use this form below. Once we receive your submission, we will review it and get back to you with potential dates for publication:


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