The Naughty Fairy

Faith hated being a tooth fairy. She had begged and pleaded with Queen Mother but still had been punished.

‘Be the Tooth Fairy. Collect broken teeth,’ grumbled Faith, ‘yuck!’

All she had done was turn the dog’s bone invisible. How was she to know that he would get upset and chase the fairies?

Faith wondered how to get out of this punishment as she slipped a hand under a sleepy little boy’s pillow and brought out a small tooth. She put a pound in it’s place.

Suddenly an idea struck her. She had money! Money that she was giving children in exchange for their teeth. Couldn’t she just go and buy herself a hundred false teeth? She was sure Queen Mother wouldn’t know the difference.

But there was a problem. She couldn’t fly into a shop and ask for false teeth. Humans didn’t believe in fairies. She thought and thought and finally an idea came to her.

Why not do this at night; take what she needed and leave money on the counter for the humans to find in the morning? Oooh, she was full of good ideas today.

Feeling thrilled, Faith waited for night time. She squeezed in through a fancy dress shop’s keyhole and looked about. Her eyes fell upon a container full of false teeth. She scooped them up in a jar.

Next morning, she knocked on Queen Mother’s door.


Faith walked in smartly. ‘I have completed my punishment,’ she said. ‘Here are a hundred teeth.’

Queen Mother silently looked at the teeth, her face slowly turning red with anger

‘These are false teeth, Faith. You dare trick the Queen?’

‘I .. I am sorry,’ said Faith, scared.

‘You will be punished,’ said Queen Mother. ‘You will be the evil wizard’s slave forever.’

‘No .. No, Queen Mother. Not him .. Not him,’ said Faith taking a step backwards. Queen Mother clapped and the evil wizard appeared.

‘Aaah, been naughty, have we?,’ he said, advancing on Faith, his hand stretched out to grab her.

‘Nooooooo,’ cried Faith as she woke up with a scream. She looked around her. She had fallen out of her bed and lay panting on the bedroom floor.

It had been a dream, thought Faith. Oh thank goodness that it had only been a dream.


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2 Comments on “The Naughty Fairy”

  1. Trevor
    June 19, 2011 at 7:02 am #

    Absolutely loved this story Neha, well done

  2. June 19, 2011 at 9:42 am #

    Thank you Trevor. Appreciate it :)

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