What is important to you as a writer?


Aaah life. To see your name in print. Published next to a story that didn’t exist until you dreamed it up a few weeks ago. It has just got to be the best feeling in the world, hasn’t it?

Well not for me. To me the best feeling is to see my story taking shape and the pieces falling together, the Work In Progress actually progressing. :)

I am busy writing 2000 words of the beginning of my book as homework for a class I am taking soon but even though it is homework, I am thankful. Thankful that in the middle of all the responsibilities I have there is something forcing me to get on with telling my story.

I have to be. These characters wouldn’t let me sleep otherwise. They are always walking around in my head, handing me one piece of the story or another. I love them for doing that. Love them for not leaving all the imaginative work to me.

What about you? What is it about writing that makes you return to the blank page time and time again?


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