Sam’s Wish

Granpa was coming. Sam loved Granpa’s big white moustache, and that he always brought presents. Oh, what joy!

‘Granpaaaaa’, shouted Sam and hugged him. He had been waiting at the gate.

‘Hello Sam’, smiled Granpa.

He handed him a big book with the picture of a Goblin on the front.

‘This is a special book’, said Granpa, ‘Mind you take good care of it.’

‘I promise’, said Sam.

That evening, he settled down to read. The first story told of Jack. He sold his cow in exchange for magical beans which grew into an enormous beanstalk overnight. This Jack climbed, up through the clouds, to the land of the giant who wanted to eat him for supper.

Sam read through the story and just when he was beginning to worry whether the giant will find Jack hiding in the basket, he turned the page to find it blank.

Puzzled, he checked other stories and found their last pages blank too.

He thought of Jack, about to be discovered and smiled mischeviously as he wondered what would happen if Jack got caught. The giant would surely have him for soup.

Pondering this, Sam lay his head down and soon fell asleep. At midnight, something strange happened. He heard a voice.

‘Sam …. Sam’

He looked around to see Jack climbing out of the book.

‘Jack?’, said Sam, startled to find Jack by his bedside.

‘Why did you wonder if the giant will gobble me up? That’s a very unkind thing to wish’, said Jack.

‘But .. but I didnt mean to. Did it come true? How could it?’, said Sam, scared.

‘Well, sometimes wishes come true. Now help me or the giant will eat me for supper. Quick, wish me home’, said Jack.

‘But I don’t know how’, said Sam.

‘Close your eyes and think about me escaping and going home’

Sam didnt believe it but did what Jack said. He heard a few thumps. Someone shouted. When he opened his eyes, Jack had gone. He bent over the book and saw the last page of the story printed with a large picture beside it.

‘Thanks Sam’, said Jack as he waved from the picture. ‘Thanks for bringing me back home.’


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