Colin’s Trip to the Moon

‘All I want, is to go to the moon’, thought Colin for the hundredth time, as he looked at it in the sky, absent-mindedly twisting the ring on his finger.

Suddenly, there was a resounding crash. Colin whirled around. A big red spaceship had appeared in his garden! He watched in amazement as the door opened and a pointy nosed Goblin jumped out.

He looked at Colin in frustration. ‘Your Grandfather promised me, indeed he swore on his life that he will destroy that ring. Now I am stuck fulfilling your wish and taking you to the moon. I am too old for this.’

Colin couldn’t believe his ears. He ran up to the spaceship and jumped in. There were lots of flashing lights around and a big window to look out of. He settled into a large yellow armchair.

The Goblin started the engine. Colin watched the passing stars in delight as the spaceship shot towards the moon.

As soon as they landed, he jumped out and looked around happily. There were little blue bubble houses everywhere and out of these came little blue men. What astounded Colin more than the fact that there were people on the moon was that they were all walking on their hands.

They gathered around him, chattering excitedly.

‘Where are you from?’, asked one.

‘Earth’, said Colin, pointing to it.

‘You walk on your feet?’, said another, looking surprised.

Colin started to explain but the Moon-Men looked angry. They wanted him to walk on his hands too. After a fair bit of arguing, Colin gave in. As soon as he turned upside-down and stood on his hands, the Moon-Men smiled and became friendly. They took him on a tour and showed him everything. Six-legged moon animals, orange waterfalls, floating mountains.

Colin thought that the moon was a grand place and wished he could stay longer but before long it was time to go back. Besides, he didnt think he could walk on his hands for the rest of his life.

He looked forward to other adventures as he waved goodbye and climbed back into the spaceship. Now that he had a magic ring, anything was possible.


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