Mothers of Step are more often then not, A cruel, twisted and unpleasant lot. This one was no exception to the rule, And had two ugly daughters just as cruel. ...

The Rude Witch

‘She HAS to be taught a lesson,’ said Merlin, pacing round and round his study in frustration. Little Toppy the Elf, took a tentative step back, trying to stay out ...

What happened to Charlie?

A tall, stretchy gentleman, with knobbly knees Called Charlie Eldridge, if you please One bright morning woke up to find, His cricket bat poking through his behind. With a yelp, ...


Comic: Life With Twitter

Wondering a little bit about Life with or without Twitter.

Mr. Pixie Gets In Trouble

‘He’s gone and turned and himself invisible,’ said Mrs. Pixie in frustration. ...

The Perfect Wedding

June looked at herself in the mirror. She looked beautiful. ‘Now now, ...


So, after a month long stint in India, during which I ate lots, travelled lots and oh yeah, got married, I am finally back and writing again. Lots of new stories about nasty witches and fat witches and obsessive witches and crazy witches, coming soon. Is it too obvious that I have been obsessed with witches lately? […]

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The Fisherman & The Genie

Once upon a time, in a land far away, A fisherman set out with his net on a sleigh. He had a wife and 3 children to feed, Some big, fat fish was his only greed. You would agree then with his distress, When the first 3 lots were stones, shells and a general mess. […]

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The Princess And The Pea

I don’t know what has gotten into Kings, They always seem to want the silliest things. Let me narrate the story of one I knew, Who tried to bite off more than he could chew. Here is what he said to all he met, His perfect girl, his brunette. ‘There is this girl I want […]

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Midnight Rescue

Jill had lots and lots of toys. Every night she would pull out a chair, climb on top of it and carefully arrange all her dolls and toys on top of the bookshelf. She would then tap each one on the nose and wish it a very good night before turning in. Each night, after […]

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The World in Johnny’s Back Garden

Scribble Desk’s Take: Fancy yourself an Adult who knows what a child sees and imagines? I bet my friend Kurt Chambers’ brilliant short story can change your mind. It changed mine. The World in Johnny’s Back Garden The window misted with Johnny’s breath as he gazed out upon his garden with eager anticipation. Trails of […]

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