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Trust The Writing Process

ScribbleDesk is a web-based writing platform that guides K-12 students through the writing process, from ideas to successful work.

No credit card required

A balanced approach to writing

Our purpose is to make the writing process equitable for all learners.

ScribbleDesk nurtures student ideas and provides the foundation necessary to help these ideas grow into essays, stories, poems, and news reports. ScribbleDesk provides students with the freedom to write in their own voice with the structure and support necessary to complete dynamic writing assignments.

Why students choose us?

Every Student Has A Story To Tell

ScribbleDesk is not just a web platform for writing. It is an online community for writing. With teacher permission, students can publish their work and share their ideas with their peers online. 

Designed By Teachers

ScribbleDesk uses best practices in writing instruction

Sometimes the hardest part is knowing where to begin. To get ideas out, we start with a blank canvas and five minutes to get all those ideas out. For each assignment, ScribbleDesk utilizes brainstorming techniques to make each step of the writing process count. 

Based in Waltham, Mass., our mission is to help K-12 students get their ideas in writing. Our vision to to help learners of all abilities with the writing process. 



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